bimobil husky 270

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bimobil husky 270

Ford Ranger Single Cab

Layout 4

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Layout 3

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Roomy Layout for Two
The combination of Ford Ranger and husky 270 offers plenty of space in the cockpit when driving and in the cabin upon arrival. Tall people will appreciate the roomy cockpit and comfortable seating position.
Built upon a very solid ladder-frame chassis, the Ranger is ideal for carrying a cabin, and the driving characteristics are very reassuring. The optional selectable four-wheel drive will satisfy even the highest off-road expectations. The single cab makes room for an impressive loading bay which translates into a large floorspace in the cabin.
The new cabin layout 4 is specifically designed for two people travelling in comfort. Particular attention was paid to the large shower/toilet as well as a generously proportioned kitchen with a large-capacity refrigerator.
seating area offers ample space for two and can be extended with an additional board next to the door. Our proven layout 3 with the seating area at the front is an alternative option.
Either with an interchangeable system offering versatility and flexibility or as a fixed unit. Each represents an attractive motorhome.

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