About us

“The bimobil makers”:

In 1977 Raimund von Liebe (a mechanical engineer) founded a travelling-vehicle business that grew rapidly in the following years. Today bimobil-von Liebe GmbH counts more than 60 employees in office and manufacture about a 100 motorhomes a year. Hence we are not a large company but rather a great workshop with a healthy working atmosphere and a great number of highly qualified and absolutely dedicated employees manufacturing with utmost skills and – most importantly – with passion.
One can rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing methods as we work with the latest and best technical equipment and tools. Our cabins, fixtures and fittings are developed and designed in a CAD-System – raising accuracy in manufacture and ensuring top of the range quality.

After your purchase:

Our service certainly continues after the handover of your camper. We are happy to assist you further in all regards of your motorhome.
Our spare parts department acts promptly upon your request, our repair service department implements add-ons and fixes issues of any kind and we are also always happy to receive any advice on how we could improve our customer service.

Become a part of our circle of friends and bimobil owners – we would really love to count you in!
bimobil as a brand

The name ‘bimobil’ was actually derived from the dual-purpose of a pick-up truck as both: means of travel and means of transportation – the caravan-cabin demounting structure has always been a main focus in the production program. Caravans with a bimobil auto-bearing demounting-system are practically available for all vehicle makes such as Nissan pick-up 4 x 4, Ford, VW, Iveco, MB and others. Today, roughly 50% of our total manufactures are pick-up models and 50% are fixed chassis-mounted travel and/or expedition vehicles. In addition to that, we also manufacture service and lab vehicles as well as transportation containers. Ever since 1995 we also have caravans on offer.

High quality and solid craftmanship

Our top priorities in manufacture are highest quality and sound technical workmanship. The caravan-cabins are made of a home-made, cold-insulated sandwich-material with a high quality foam marrow and are processed with utmost accuracy. The interior fittings are quality carpentry and the technical facilities’ lay-out is functional and easy to handle. As much as possible in the vehicle manufacture using environmental- and people-friendly materials has always been one of bimobil's greatest considerations.

No flourish – no plush – no nonsense

The design itself is one of the essential and trade-mark features of a bimobil. Clear outside contours, white or silver exterior coating with bright coloured stripes (discreet tones are certainly available upon request) and an interior design that is everything but ordinary: a bright and natural wood fitting with lots of wonderful details combined with materials in fresh and bright colours – practical and liveable, no unnecessary flourish, no plush and no everyday gloom. As our bimobil-builders are an experienced team who appreciate individuality any special request or even a full customized design is absolutely no issue. That includes the length, width and height of a caravan-cabin as well as the layout and the furnishings. However one thing never changes – the quality of our craftmanship.