Discover your own fabulous getaway!
bimobil builds unusual motorhomes, pick-up systems and expedition vehicles. Large and small space wonders with compact exterior dimensions and an incredibly comfortable interior.

Where to, what time is best and for how long?
It's all completely up to you.
Solely enjoy what you like best.
Terrain experts:

bimobil expedition vehicles are reliable, robust and functional with excellent off-road characteristics and the highest quality of living. learn more
Starry sky and dust rides:

bimobil offers fancy living dreams - even for fastidious gobetrotters
Are you game?

bimobil also mounts to Mercedes Unimog, Atego and MAN.
Go hardcore!
Passion and quality:

Your journey begins with our passion:
Finest workmanship and excellent materials form the basis for your extended adventure tours.
Video vorschau
Amazingly versatile
with the bimobil demountable system:

Change it quickly and use it as a motorhome, a car or a van. A pretty obedient mobile home that acts precisely to your needs. Take a look at the video
Comfy and cosy:

We are not compromising on the interior either - bright, friendly and unmistakably homely.
Just like at home! learn more
Family vacation:

Comfortable travel for families is easier than ever: Spacious living cabins and well thought-out layouts offer surprisingly much space for young and old, even in supposedly small spaces. learn more
Animals on board?

Whether dog, cat or any other small animal - no worries at all since a bimobil offers various possibilities to bring your four-legged friends safely and comfortably to their destination.
Off to Greenland or other cold areas?
Due to the special cabin construction each bimobil offers excellent insulation and thus the best winter suitability down to minus 30 degrees when used correctly. Keep warm!
Much too hot?

Not only can a bimobil successfully fend off sub-zero temperatures but it can also withstand the hottest climates without any problems when used correctly. Stay cool.
Different layouts:

We are quite happy to create your own personal space. Tell us what your ideas are...
Enjoy the view!

See the world through different eyes -
A bimobil can take you to even the most hidden places of your dreams. See the difference!
Everything packed and ready to go?
Each and every bimobil features optimum use of space and properly thought-out storage spaces and thus always have enough space for everyone and everything that needs to go with you
What goes around comes around:
We have multiple travelogues for you.
Sit back, read and marvel here... learn more

The world is at your fingertips with bimobil.
Unlimited freedom and mobility – solely enjoy what you like best.
Let us show you the easiest yet most comfortable way to take yourself away.

bimobil – Discover your own fabulous getaway!
Your journey starts with our passion.



Appointments with our Sales Dept. are currently possible upon prior arrangement.
The statutory provisions must be complied with.

Adress your enquiry to or reach us on +49 8106 9969 0 and choose option 1.

Furthermore we also have to ask our service customers (repairs) to put all desired works
in writing and send them per mail – preferably with pictures – prior to dropping off
the vehicle,
so the personal conversation at the handover of the vehicle can be
reduced to a minimum. 

Adress your enquiry to or reach us on +49 8106 9969 41.

Thank you for your understanding. Stay healthy.
Your bimobil team