Caravan cabin design


Impressive technology

bimobil habitation cabins are manufactured using highest quality materials. They are light-weight, extremely robust, have an exceptionally long life and have outstanding insulation properties. The sandwich walls are manufactured by bimobil, so they can be made to measure to suit all requirements.
The bimobil floor is a 60 mm or 70 mm thick sandwich with a completely rot-proof foam core, supported by a welded aluminium frame with a fiberglass underside. Side walls and roof are also made of sandwich panels with the same highly insulating and rot-free foam core, enamelled aluminium exterior and water resistant plywood with a decorative facing on the inside. The sandwich panels do not usually need internal reinforcement avoiding risk of thermal bridges. Roof and side walls are joined together with a welded perimetric frame in the corner. The external sheet overlaps, ensuring absolute water tightness. The patented corner frame and the unique floor construction make the bimobil habitation cabin so extremely strong.

Extremely high stability

A bimobil caravan-cabin floor is made of a 50 mm-high welded aluminium grid pipe frame, filled with hard insulation foam.

Patented corner joint

Side panel and roof sheeting are screwed together overlapping into the special circular profile in the outer wall.

Outstanding insulation

A caravan-cabin insulation and heating capacity test gave excellent results.