Whichever cabin you choose, you get a full little motorhome
of excellent workmanship and quality.

All cabins are fitted with light-coloured real-wood carpentered furniture and are particularly robust. The fresh colours of the upholstery and curtains combined with the light wood colour lend the interior of even quite small spaces that cheerful roomy effect which is typical of bimobil.

huskys are available in three basic and two additional layouts:

  • Layout 1 is designed for people who do not need a bathroom and enjoy a generous dinette at the rear. It sits and sleeps four and is available on the 230, 235 and 240 models.
  • Layout 2/2L, available on all huskys except the 220, is a spacious layout with shower and WC and a smaller dinette in the rear, ideally suited to two to three travellers.
  • Layout 3, available on all husky models, has a bathroom and can be lived in by up to four people.
  • Layout 4 is only suitable for the husky 270
  • Layout LB is only suitable for the husky 240

All other motorhomes and expedition vehicles have their own individual layout –  each and every one a perfect, well thought out design that creates maximum usage of the available space. You will find a complete description of the layouts for each model on the respective pages.

Please note that the cabin dimensions vary according to the model and the vehicle the cabin is to be placed on, so the cabin dimensions e.g. Luton depth, floor length and width, etc. will vary. For the actual dimensions please see the technical specification tables for each individual model.