bimobil husky 240

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bimobil husky 240

Toyota Hilux ExtraCab
Ford Ranger ExtraCab

Layout 2L

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Layout 3

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Layout LB

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Rear settee

The rear asymmetrical dinette sits on a 25 cm raised platform. Underneath the platform is storage space across the whole width of the cabin, accessible from outside. The benches are open underneath, so the space is 60 cm high on both sides. The left contains equipment, the right is completely open for storage, also accessible from the inside. The shorter right couch can be extended with a flap, the table descends in the middle to convert the whole to a double bed. The gas bottle compartment, accessible from the outside only, is fitted under the basin. Overhead storage lockers are built over the galley, around the rear seating of the cabin and on one side of the Luton. The rear lights are mounted on an insulated aluminium tray across the width under the rear of the habitation cabin which contains the waste water tank and some storage space. Because the dinette is particularly light, and the gas bottles, battery and fresh water tank are well forward in the cabin, the load is distributed evenly across the axles – excellent road holding and a smooth ride!


The proven furnishing of the kitchen block answers all your needs on the road. It makes mobile cooking fun. The kitchen block of 55 x 97 cm features a high value Corean® counter, a stainless steel cooker/sink combination with glass lid and chromated water tap. On the right side of the kitchen block there is a 60 l fridge with a small freezer compartment. A beech wood cutlery drawer and two big storage compartments for kitchen utensils and supplies are positioned on the left of the kitchen block. Our trademark spice rack is located right above the kitchen block.


Hanging lockers above the kitchen and the rear settee provide easy storage for all you need on the road. Between settee group and sanitary compartment a large wardrobe is placed on the driver side. Under the top shelf the wardrobe offers a hanging height of 92 cm, and next to the shelf the hanging height is as much as 152 cm. With a width of 45 cm and a depth of 55 cm it can hold everything from swimming to bad weather gear. The gas bottle hold is installed in the wardrobe’s lower section, which is only accessible from the exterior.

Overhead bay sleeping area

The compact yet comfortable cabin layout features an amply sized overhead bay with a sleeping area of 195 x 155 cm and headroom of 68/54 cm for unencumbered sleeping. The comfortable double-bed features under-floor ventilation and heating. Here you will sleep at least as well as at home.


The functional sanitary compartment is configured around a floor space of 107 x 67 cm and comprises of a shower pan, a stylish corner sink, a cassette toilet, a large mirror and a colour coated shelf. Here you will find everything for the daily hygiene. A transparent roof hatch provide lots of light and ample ventilation.

  • 1 Rear settee
  • 2 Kitchen
  • 3 Wardrobe/Stowage
  • 4 Overhead bay sleeping area
  • 5 Bathroom