bimobil LBX 365

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bimobil LBX 365

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4

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Overland Adventure on Mercedes Sprinter 4 x 4
If you are planning a world tour, your vehicle can be your home for several months at a stretch. Our LBX is ideally suited to these conditions thanks to the beds in the alcove and the floorplan which provides plenty of room to move around, comfortable furnishings,
and ample storage space. All in a compact package.
Even in its basic version, the LBX 365 is equipped with a host of useful details to make life even more pleasant during a long tour. Selectable four-wheel drive and low ratios offer improved traction and increased ground clearance, making it easier to travel along more challenging trails. The base vehicle is well accessorised including a fuel filter with water separator, a more powerful alternator, a battery switch, extra power socket, and a spare wheel.
The entry door and large panorama window at the rear are extremely sturdy and, in addition to the standard safety locks, fitted with espagnolette locks with locking points at
the top and bottom.
In the living area, push locks make sure the doors and drawers remain securely closed, even in rougher terrain. An array of electronic equipment render this motorhome even more autonomous: the 210Ah domestic battery, a battery computer providing precise information concerning the status of the battery and the use of power. The powerful
charger ensures the battery is quickly charged from a 230V source, and the booster helps keep it topped up from the alternator when driving.