bimobil husky 230

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bimobil husky 230

Ford Ranger DoubleCab
Toyota Hilux Double Cab

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The model husky 230 is a fully fledged motorhome with all the comforts, built on a Ford Ranger or Toyota Hilux double cab which is backed by your fully fledged 2nd generation.

The row of seats behind the driver and front passenger seat comfortably provide space for two to three additional passengers. The new Ford Ranger as well as the Toyota Hilux is a highly reliable and resilient basic vehicle - thus ideally suited for carrying a cabin that is also highly resilient and reliable. Even in the basic version both vehicles have an extremely comfortable and spacious cab. The standard all-wheel drive with electronic stability control allows you to drive off the main road. A high payload allows the use as a family motorhome.

The cabin is, as usual with bimobiles, built in excellent insulated sandwich technology and is therefore light in spite of highest stability. It is available in two different layouts.
The floor plans have in common the large 1.60 m wide alcove lying surface, which extends over the roof of the double cabin.

And although the floor space of the living cabin is adapted to the short loading area of a double cabin, the cabin with its smart layouts offers comfortable living space, even with shower, for up to four people.

Unfortunately an English price list is currently unavailable. Please contact our sales department at or call +49(0)8106/99690 for current details on base vehicles, prices and/or additional equipment. We will be happy to provide you with further information.