bimobil HR 380

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bimobil HR 380

Mercedes Sprinter


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Rear settee

At the rear of the cabin the round seating group is located on a platform inviting you to linger. If required it offers space for two guests and one leg is generous enough to stretch out and rest there.

Sleeping area

Above the round seating area the double bed is stowed away on the ceiling. At the push of a button the finished bed can be lowered. For best sleeping comfort, the mattress lies on proven Froli disc springs.

Seat with lowered bed

Even when the bed is lowered a small seat remains at the end of the bench so that going to bed or getting up at the same time is not compulsory for passengers. If necessary tablet computers and drinks can still be placed on the table.


Right next to the seating area is the wardrobe with a compartment above the clothes rail and a large drawer at the bottom.


The bathroom has a functional size and scores with a separate shower which can also be used to hang up wet clothes with the optional clothes rail.


The convenient passageway between the cab and the living area can be closed tightly with an insulated door so that the best thermally insulated living area is completely separated from the cab. Above the intermediate door there is another useful storage compartment


The refrigerator is installed at eye level. Two drawers and a storage compartment above create even more storage space in the compact motorhome.


The kitchen is functionally equipped with a 2-burner cooker, separate sink, wall cupboards and drawers in the base units. The work surface can also be enlarged on request by folding up the worktop.

Entrance area

An electrically extendable step makes it easy to get in and out. The espagnolette locked door with security lock deters even experienced burglars. The optional insect screen door also prevents other unwanted visitors from entering when the door is open.

Rear storage space / garage

The rear part of the rear storage space is completely free providing plenty of easily accessible space for luggage. The front part of the garage houses the cold and dust protected water tanks with drain valve and the easily accessible electrical system. The diesel-powered space and water heating is installed in the seat box.

  • 1 Rear settee
  • 2 Sleeping area
  • 3 Seat with lowered bed
  • 4 Wardrobe
  • 5 Bathroom
  • 6 Manhole
  • 7 Refrigeration
  • 8 Kitchen
  • 9 Entrance area
  • 10 Rear storage space / garage