bimobil EX 480

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bimobil EX 480

Mercedes Atego 4x4

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Layout EX 480

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Whether Sahara or Siberia, with your Bimobil Expedition Truck
EX480 you can get anywhere.
The EX 480 is a true off-road long distance travel vehicle based on a Mercedes Benz Atego 1023 chassis with AWD, offering a superb engine performance of 170 kW/231 HP. This base car impresses with its modern, well equipped and spacious driver cab. Ergonomically
positioned controls and such extras as bottle and cup holders ensure comfort for long trips. Pneumatically cushioned comfort seats maximize comfort on long trips as well as on rough tracks. Electrically adjustable rear view mirrors, tinted window, a sunvisor and many
extras create a very comfortable driver cab. Its main advantage is its outstanding technology for utmost An extremely stiff frame, state-of-the-art corrosion protection and robust engine translate assure longevity. The cabin is bolted to a highly rigid intermediate frame which is mounted on the Atego’s chassis by 6 flex supports This construction approach enables proper wheel bound and rebound when off-road. The foldable rear underfloor protector helps maintain the vehicle’s original departure angle. Thanks to this equipment the EX480 offers superb handling even on the most difficult track. Ruggedness, but light weight construction is a major feature of the bimobil cabin.
Thanks to the reduced weight, the 10.5 to carrier vehicle can be down-registered to 7.49 to and still offer a sizable payload. Bright spaces and a top class finish set the tone of the interior.