bimobil EX 435

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bimobil EX 435

Mercedes Unimog 4023 4x4

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The EX 435 on Mercedes Unimog is most suitable for off-road use

Over unpaved roads, sand, snow or scree - the EX 435 gets you safely to your destination.

Thanks to its portal axles the Mercedes Unimog has a high ground clearance which is not restricted by the construction of the living cabin or the attachment of additional parts. With its all-wheel drive, differential locks and optional off-road reduction the Unimog can get through even the most difficult terrain. Eight forward and six reverse gears are available and, in an optional off-road group, another eight forward and eight reverse gears for slow speeds. The powerful engine with 170 KW / 231 PS is economical, quiet, powerful and particularly easy to maintain. The extremely torsional frame with three-point mounting of cab, engine and transmission as well as the axle suspension with thrust tube technology, wishbone and coil spring allow axle articulation up to 30°.

The EX 435 cabin is mounted on the Unimog chassis via the floor assembly for third-party bodies provided on the Unimog which is firmly connected to the cab but has a double 3-point mounting to the vehicle frame. That way the vehicle's intelocking ability is not restricted and the living cab still remains stress-free.

The cabin is extremely stable and yet relatively light. On the inside the bimobil cabin impresses with its bright, friendly style and the best quality of workmanship which can easily withstand heavy off-road use.

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