bimobil AX 575

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bimobil AX 575

mit Drehschemel-Gestell

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bimobil has developed its own unmistakable look over the years, which makes all our models so warm and friendly. There is a choice of two interior designs. Either the natural look of solid spruce frames and fir wood ply panels with a beautiful grain. Or the more modern alternative called Luminum 2000, which combines door panels faced with real aluminium with finely grained maple-wood veneered furniture and solid maple-wood frames. The materials are very robust, and their light colour makes the living area so welcoming.

Both designs use the same hard-wearing flooring and the seating group is covered with durable easy-care sisal. The finishing touch in interior appeal is given by the wide choice of colour-coordinated upholstery and curtaining. The high quality build and attention to detail make every bimobil a wonderful home away from home.

All bimobils are fitted with wardrobe, under-seat storage, roof lockers and cupboards to store all the items you need. Pots and pans, crockery and supplies can be stored in the kitchen area. Cutlery in the cutlery drawer. The washroom is bright and furnished with an eye to functionality with loads of storage spaces and chrome tap. The faced marine-ply built-in furniture is very sturdy and extremely long-lasting. You have a choice of a number of colours for cupboard doors and hooks and rails.