bimobil HD 420

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Layout HD 420

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Overhead bay sleeping area

The roomy overhead bay with a surface of 215 x 150 cm makes two comfortable berths with underside ventilation and heating. An added bonus: the Froli bed spring system for undisturbed, comfortable sleeping.

Front settee

The comfortable front settee perfectly conveys the German concept of comfort and cosiness. Its two opposing benches offer comfortable seating for four. Better yet – in a flick of the wrist the settee converts into a bed if additional sleeping space is required. The settees house the electric system and the Truma combination heater.

Shelf racks

Behind the front settee you will find a full height shelf rack to place your books and everything you want on hand. Hanging lockers above the front settee and kitchen yield additional stowage space.

Easy access

Easy access to mobile living is ensured by an electrically powered double step and an entrance light.


The sanitary compartment comprises a shower pan and shower curtain, an enamelled steel sink, high quality fittings, mirror and shelf. The swivelling Thetford toilet can be easily moved aside, while the roof hatch and window ensure plenty of light and ventilation.


Adjoining the kitchen is a wardrobe offering a hanging height of approximately 130 cm and even a hat shelf.

Rear bunk beds

With a surface area of 182 x 75,4 cm and headroom of 65 cm above the mattress, the rear bunk beds provide plenty of space. Besides equipment such as shelf, textile storage bag, lighting and a window for each bed, there is a special highlight: a 12 V and a 220 V socket (with child safety lock) for operating electronic equipment on rainy days, such us a playstation. Each Bed comes with a curtain for privacy. Below the lower bunk bed a spacious hold – accessible from the exterior – enables storage of bulky equipment, etc. This is also the main access area to the large storage space between the floors.

Linen locker

Between rear bunk beds and kitchen a linen locker offers plenty of shelves.


The generously dimensioned kitchen features plenty of work and storage space. The 2 burner cooker and the sink are both made from stainless steel.


Right next to the cooker you will find the fridge including a freezer compartment. Furthermore an oven and additional storage space.

Close-off curtain

The passage to the driver cab can be closed off by a curtain, or optionally by an insulated door. Hanging lockers above the rear settee group and kitchen offer additional stowage space.

Under-floor storage

The whole rear of the vehicle is built onto a heated and insulated double floor which contains the water tanks and has storage space in between. The rear seating area is slightly raised, and the lower floor underneath is fitted with a hollow tray so that bikes can be stowed in the rear garage. The locker door on the garage also provides easy access to the underfloor storage.

  • 1 Overhead bay sleeping area
  • 2 Front settee
  • 3 Shelf racks
  • 4 Easy access
  • 5 Bathroom
  • 6 Wardrobe
  • 7 Rear bunk beds
  • 8 Linen locker
  • 9 Kitchen
  • 10 Fridge/oven
  • 11 Close-off curtain
  • 12 Under-floor storage