bimobil EX 432

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bimobil EX 432

Mercedes Unimog 4023 4x4

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Almost unstoppable
The EX 432 / 435 based upon the Mercedes-Benz Unimog is almost unstoppable off-road.
No matter if you’re faced with mud, sand, snow or loose rock, you will reach your destination in safety. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog’s exceptional ground clearance provided by its portal axles is not in anyway infringed upon by the cabin or ancillary equipment. With all-wheel drive, differential locks. and the optional low-ratio gearbox, the Unimog can overcome even the toughest terrain. The standard configuration of 8 forwards and 6 reverse gears can be upgraded with a low-ratio group of an additional 8 forwards and 8 reverse gears for low speeds.
The powerful engine (170kW / 231 BHP) is economical, quiet, and particularly easy to maintain. The torsionally flexible chassis with 3-point mounting for the cockpit, engine and gearbox in combination with the suspension and its thrust tube technology, allow for extremely long spring travel and permit diagonal axle articulation of to 30°. The cabin is directly assembled onto the 3-point mounting points on the Unimog chassis so that the axle articulation isn’t in any way impaired off-road but the cabin remains torsion-free.
Even though the bimobil cabin is exceptionally stable, it remains relatively light.
The interior is also in a league of its own with its bright, friendly atmosphere and high-quality craftsmanship which is capable of withstanding heavy off-road rigours.