Frequently asked questions


  • Can a permanently erected cabin subsequently be made into an interchangeable one?
  • Only with an unjustifiable effort.

  • Can bimobil cabins be built on all kinds of different vehicles or are they adapted to a particular vehicle?
  • The cabins are always built for a particular vehicle but they can be adapted to different base vehicles. However, an exchange is only possible ie. from King Cab to King Cab or Double Cab to Double Cab etc.


  • Can a cabin which was originally built on a VW T4 be changed over to a VW T5?
  • Only with considerable effort, that is costs of at least 7,000 – € are to be expected as the vehicles differ in the position of the rear axle and the track width and thus the wheel arch must be significantly increased.

  • Does a pick-up cabin have to be listed in the registration papers and if so what is it classified as?
  • Yes, the cabin has to be listed in the registration papers.
    It can be classified as follows:

    – Trucks with interchangeable body
    – Optional setup status: Truck Platform
    – Optional setup status: Truck Open box
    – Optional setup state: with cabin

  • How does the mounting and dismounting work and how long does it take?
  • The original vehicle load-bed is removed from the pickup, but can be fitted with a demountable frame, so that the motorhome can be converted back to a fully fledged pickup at any time. A small crane (available as an accessory) can be used to facilitate mounting and demounting the load-bed. Hard or soft tops fitted to the load-bed do not normally have to be removed when mounting or demounting. Mounting and demounting the cabin can be done easily even by one person alone. A team of two will take 15-20 minutes and with practice this can be achieved in around 10 minutes! To demount, just undo the four bolts that hold the cabin onto the chassis, unplug the electrical hook-up and raise the cabin by winding down the integral jacks on each corner of the cabin until the vehicle can be driven out from underneath. The habitation cabin can then be lowered to a comfortable height for habitation. The jacks are sturdy and maintenance-free, and the cabin is designed to be lived in while standing on the jacks. Remounting the cabin is the same in reverse order. The self-centring rail system on the demountable frame means that the vehicle does not have to be manoeuvred into position too precisely for correct alignment of the fixing bolts. The open chassis contains moving parts and would be dangerous if left exposed, so the Bimobil demountable chassis is fitted with an aluminium flat bed with lights and number plate mounting so that the vehicle can be used on the road legally without the cabin or the vehicle load-bed fitted. The demountable system can also be fitted to other types of body than the load-bed, converting the pickup to a specialised work/trade vehicle if desired.

  • What about the vehicle taxation for pick ups? Are they classified as a truck or a car?
  • The taxation varies depending on the length of the passenger compartment, measured from the brake pedal to the rear cab wall.
    If the length exeeds the length of the platform the vehicle will be taxed as a passenger car. (e.g. Nissan Navara Double Cab)


  • Is it recommended to use different sealing materials depending on what one would like to seal, e.g. windows, skylights, storage doors, ledges etc.?
  • There are many different sealing materials on the market, please ask us which sealing material which is the most suitable for your specific needs.

  • May leaks cause water to penetrate into the sandwich plate?
  • The insulation consists of a closed waterproof cell foam and there are no timber struts in the sandwich plate that could rot from the inside.


  • Can the base vehicle carry a cabin of any length?
  • No. On the one hand the vehicle manufacturers have special requirements which limit the overhang and on the other hand the length of the cabin depends on the wheelbase of the vehicle, the overhang may be only about 55-60% of the wheelbase.

  • Do all Nissan Dealers offer the Nissan Navara with 3.5 t perm. total weight and higher rear axle load?
  • No! In Germany a special report of approval is required – not all Nissan dealers can hold this report.