bimobil EX 400

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bimobil EX 400

Mercedes Benz Sprinter 4x4

Layout EX 400

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Rear sleeping area

The EX 400 layout has a French style double bed on one side at the rear over a large storage area accessible from the outside and inside.

Front settee

The seating area is situated conveniently opposite the kitchen, comfortably seating 4 and can be fitted with seat belts for passengers as well as converting into a second double bed.


The passage between driver cab and living cabin is wide enough for easy passage. The cab can be closed off by a curtian or a sandwich plate.

Overhead bay stowage

A large storage area accessible via a huge flap.


In the front of the passenger side is a wardrobe offering a hanging height of approximately 120 cm and two roomy shelves.


An electrically retractable stair and an integrated steps in the entrance guarantee comfortable access to the living area.


The kitchen is fitted with a two-burner hob and a stainless steel sink with two taps, one mixer and one for drinking quality water from separate tanks, and a compressor refrigerator.


The spacious bathroom, has a separate shower, with wash basin and wc, and is located at the rear of the van over the garage.

Under-floor storage

The large storage space under the rear bed that is accessible from the outside carries the secondary water supply, the charge booster and leaves plenty of room for luggage. Storage boxes are located in the skirts made of painted checker plate to fit spare canister, sand ladders, spades or similar.

  • 1 Rear sleeping area
  • 2 Front settee
  • 3 Manhole
  • 4 Overhead bay stowage
  • 5 Wardrobe
  • 6 Entrance
  • 7 Kitchen
  • 8 Bathroom
  • 9 Under-floor storage